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Stomach and intestinal problems are the most common health problems for travelers in Senegal. Visitors should watch what they eat and drink: do not drink untreated tap water.

In MIMA, on the other hand, a specially developed filter system was provided so that the water from all taps in the house is drinkable (lab-tested!) In other words, you do not have to carry bottles of water and you can drink from the tap, brush your teeth, make your ice cubes…with peace of mind. 

More information about this filter: https://www.watergenius.eu/home-water-station/

Furthermore, make an appointment with the tropical institute, they will be happy to help you with the necessary vaccinations or medicines. In any case, proof of vaccination or the like is never requested, except currently a covid-safe pass or a negative PCR test if you are not vaccinated…

Climate and weather in Senegal

Are you planning to visit Senegal and you want to know what weather Senegal has to offer, have a look at the links above…but actually the weather is almost ALWAYS good, all year round…with the possibility of some raindrops in the rainy season.. .

When is the best time to travel to Senegal?

In general, the best period is from the autumn holidays (November) to the Easter holidays (April) … but don’t be put off by a slightly warmer temperature because Mima is located on the sea and the sea breeze always cools you down, so does the the summer showers in August and September…

About the currency in Senegal

In Senegal you pay with CFA, sometimes you can also pay with Euros or Dollars, but then you usually lose something due to the proposed exchange rate.

There is an exchange office near Mima that maintains a good exchange rate and with whom we work frequently, so it is best to bring cash (euros or dollars). If you already exchange in your home country, there is a chance that you will be paid a less good interest rate.

Your bank card (VISA, Mastercard,…) works in some supermarkets or restaurants, but not always! And the ATM (nearby) is regularly “out of service”.

It is best not to exchange money in the airport through private persons who come to propose this to you!

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